Vibrant thinking for a complex world.

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In a rapidly evolving and complex world, we believe your customers deserve more originality. We’re on a mission to unlock bold strategies for business growth rooted in a deeply human real world understanding – we are famous for our vibrant thinking that inspires sustainable and profitable growth.


Formed in 2009, we are a strategy consultancy intent on shaping the future of multinational businesses, partnering with ambitious client teams to build belief and ownership for bold strategies for growth.


We have Butterfly studios in London, New York and Amsterdam. ​

Why partner with us?

We challenge your thinking, open your eyes to internal blind spots, seek unexplored viewpoints and create momentum. ​Our relentless curiosity and cross-industry experience inspires fresh ideas for business growth – new and revitalised brands, products and services that fly with customers and land with stakeholders.

Our manifesto

We believe vibrant thinking is the driving-force behind sustainable and profitable business growth.


We unpick human problems using thorough data-driven expertise, coupled with a deeply human real-world understanding.


We make business leaders think harder and feel deeper.


We bring originality and human-power to deliver growth that flies with customers and lands with stakeholders.


We unlock bold strategies for business growth.


The Butterfly promise

  • Inspire

    Customer and cross-industry curiosity feeds our imagination and commercial understanding, stimulating fresh perspectives and new pathways
    to explore.

  • Challenge

    We re-frame, re-express and productively challenge to release trapped value and spot growth opportunities from less
    obvious places.

  • Shift

    We unstick the thinking and unlock your untapped know-how, giving an injection of energy to drive momentum and belief in new thinking.

  • Land

    We’re commercially led, devising strategies that build on your existing assets and capabilities, matching growth ambition with action.

  • “Butterfly bring external thinking to challenge our internal blind-spots. They break us free and bring the ‘so what’ challenge. Their knowledge from other categories helps us make sense of our own challenges.”


    Cherie Leonard, Senior Director, Colgate-Palmolive

  • “Butterfly have a strength in storytelling, getting the story straight and well articulated. They simplify the complex, with the right rationale and have unique ways of pulling their insight – new thinking and ways of working.”


    Kurt Frenier, Vice President Marketing, PepsiCo

  • “We’ve partnered with Butterfly several times over the last few years. They always present fresh thinking, anchored in real consumer insight, enabling us to develop tangible plans that excite key stakeholders and maintain momentum.”


    Rebecca Haigh, Strategic Planning Director, Heineken

  • “Butterfly are a trusted partner for me and I value their opinion. Their strategic consulting skills are what pull them apart from others; the whole team hit the mark on that.”


    Daniela Kaferinova, Insights & Analytics Lead, Reckitt

Discover bold strategies for your growth