We are a strategy consultancy that transforms brands and businesses.

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In a world where the most important challenges are living alongside the most extraordinary opportunities, we believe the most sustainable business strategies are powered by human understanding.

At Butterfly, we are on a mission to create transformative strategies rooted in emotional connection and real-world understanding. Formed in 2009, we are dedicated to shaping the future for multinational businesses with our teams based in London, New York and Amsterdam.

Partner with us to discover new possibilities for growth.

Why work with us?

Relentlessly curious, we are never afraid of seeking unexplored viewpoints to find  disruptive solutions. We challenge your thinking but centre your needs, opening your eyes to internal blind spots whilst listening to your knowledge and experience.

  • We are architects of human-powered growth

    Our approach is resolutely human. We bring customers into the room, helping you understand their world and connect the dots to create practical solutions to needs. Together, we use these insights to open up new possibilities and ventures for your business.

  • We build sustainable,
    real-life transformation

    We are imaginative change-makers, rooted in reality. We are as commercial as we are creative, as innovative as we are insightful, and as sales-driven as we are strategic. We help you reimagine a sustainable, profitable future.


The Butterfly Difference

  • Emotional Intelligence

    We do more than listen; we search for meaning in what people say to help you truly connect with your audience. 

  • Rigorous Imagination

    Driven by relentless curiosity, we identify creative and unexpected possibilities that disrupt how you think and what you do.

  • Tangible Ingenuity

    We make the impossible achievable by connecting the dots to distil complex challenges into transformational strategies.

  • Brave Optimism

    Our futures are intertwined. Our trusted partnerships and collaborative approach inspire us to embark on new ventures. 

Partner with us to discover new possibilities for growth