We’re Butterfly, a leading brand and innovation company based in London and New York. We believe in the power of feelings. That behind every choice we make, there’s an emotion driving it. A goosebump, a jaw-drop, a chuckle – influencing decisions and stirring people into action. So we get behind the whats, and wade into the whys, to uncover what powers people – feelings. We believe in thinking with feeling.

Thinking with feeling makes our strategy stronger, our innovations further-reaching and our creative more compelling.

  • Discover the future of your brand and beyond.
  • Seek out the opportunities and ideas that matter.
  • Learn about generational or cultural differences across your audience.
  • Dig deep to understand your brand’s challenge.
  • Develop a distinctive brand positioning and architecture.
  • Naming that goes beyond the obvious.
  • Optimise messaging strategy to ensure it lands.
  • Design unique and memorable experiences for your brand or services.
  • Disrupt your category with fresh and innovative ideas and concepts.
  • Evaluate and strengthen your concepts and ideas.
  • Rapid idea testing and prioritisation.
  • Localise your campaigns and strategy to ensure its meaning and message translate.
  • Refine your customer journey to create a seamless experience.

We’ve partnered with some of the world’s most iconic brands

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