Vibrant thinking for a
complex world.​

Hello, we’re Butterfly.
A strategy consultancy helping business leaders think harder and feel deeper about human problems to unlock bold strategies for growth.


Bold business growth that’s sustainable and profitable

We believe the world needs originality, relentless curiosity and human-power. It’s this vibrant thinking that unlocks bold strategies for sustainable growth.

At Butterfly we unpick human problems, overlaying thorough data-driven expertise with a deeply human real-world understanding. We connect the dots between complex tensions and practical solutions that are grounded in commercial reality – that fly with your customers and land with your stakeholders.


We breathe new life and energy into your business.


We call this ‘Vibrant Thinking’.

The Butterfly promise

  • Inspire

    Customer and cross-industry curiosity feeds our imagination and commercial understanding, stimulating fresh perspectives and new pathways to explore.

  • Challenge

    We re-frame, re-express and then productively challenge paradigms to release trapped value in your business and spot growth opportunities from less obvious places.

  • Shift

    We free up thinking and unlock your untapped knowledge, injecting this energy to drive momentum and belief into new ideas.

  • Land

    We’re commercially led, devising strategies that build on your existing assets and capabilities, matching growth ambition with action.

Global brands, global impact

Our global cross industry experience injects fresh ideas into your business. Clients partner with us time and again. Be inspired by our case studies and see where our vibrant thinking could take you.

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