From Rat Race to Flat Race, the commute might be shorter (bed to dining table or home-office if you are lucky!) but the days are more intense. 


The What

Health has been on the rise for year, but it has shot to the top spot as, collectively we have spent the last year scrutinising ours, and others! However, the shape of health is changing, and people are redefining and reprioritizing their goals & needs. Working from home has change the way we use our bodies, how we fit in to spaces & has tested the mental health & strength of many.

The Why

The uncertain extent of flexible working means that many are still waiting to create an optimal working space within their home. As such, we expect to see an increase in related illnesses and injuries from this, leading to a new wave of innovations to help prevention and recovery. But it’s not all about the physical. Mental practices will also have to change, to build resilience against a more flexible, less predictable world.

The How

  • Work from home specific innovations that ease the physical strain
  • Live from home innovations that aid switch off
  • Mental agility practices & products that enable mental health maintenance
  • Smart physical wellness products that work in the home or more flexibly