China is on the move. Again. The most promising market will account for 63% of all online sales by 2023 and represents a must-win growth opportunity for many global brands. China is very complex, diverse and extremely fluid but also deeply rooted in traditional values and behaviours that shape consumers’ desire or dislike for Western brands. Consumers never stand still and winning their heart and soul is something that is always in the making. The challenges are mighty but the rewards even bigger.

In June, Butterfly was joined by Pepsico as we highlighted ways to make Chinese consumers fall in (lasting) love with your innovation and brand engagement.

What can you learn from watching the video?

  • What can you learn from businesses who have won and those who have lost?
  • How have brands and businesses got ahead of the rapidly changing social & economic conditions?
  • How can you can gain a fundamental empathy for multi-cultural and multi-generational consumer nuances that China presents?