Am I using social media, or is it using me? Did I Google that or is Alexa listening to me? It’s hard to know whether control has shifted from us to AI at this point of whether is still hangs in the balance, but one thing that is for sure, is that people are starting to question, everything!


The What

As social media becomes an ever more prominent cornerstone in our day-to-day lives, A few have lifted the curtain and taken it upon themselves to educate the masses as to the more dangerous implications of overuse. The release of documentaries such as The Social Dilemma and The Great Hack has raised awareness of these issues, leading many to question or rethink their usage patterns.

The Why

Data is now the most valuable commodity on the planet, and one that constantly harvested from individuals with ease. As an industry that has largely gone unregulated, we are now seeing greater understanding and concern from general populations. Large data breaches also throw up the question of personal and mass security, as world wars move into the online world. Consumers are taking matters into their own hands, by limiting their time online or putting practices in place to do so more mindfully, however there is some scepticism as to whether it will be too little, too late as behaviour has already been conditioned!

The How

  • Movement to take back power from larger corporations
  • Growing pressure from consumers to own their own data, and start to recognise the extent of its worth