Low key loungewear life? Resurge and splurge? When the world reopens will these new casual behaviours bed-in or will we all rebound with a vengeance to seek a life of luxury?


The What

Life in the ‘new normal’ has led to a complete reimagining of purchase behaviour across a range of categories. Gone are the days of daily make-up and uncomfortable clothing, and here to stay is the magic of zoom filters and loungewear. Or is it? As countries such as the US and UK eventually dip their toes back into socializing IRL (in Real Life) after many restrictions, we are expecting to see a surge in splurging in multiple categories catering to self-expression.

The Why

Trends within fashion and beauty were historically set by brands, more recently by influencers. But with radically new sets of values when it comes to self-expression, this could change drastically as individual value sets & needs have been redefined in such a short space of time, disrupting the normal pace and flow of trends.

The How

  • All dolled up and nowhere to go: Stay-at-home style
  • Beauty products that deliver long-lasting, natural enhancements
  • Clothes that balance comfortable functionality & style equally
  • Re-emerge & reinvent: Bigger and bolder choices than people may have dared before