Quick bursts being replaced by the quest for balance

Beverages have long-since formed a central focus as a source of energy, whether that be a morning coffee to kickstart the day or a much-needed boost to hit a looming deadline. However, with growing transparency of the harmful side-effects these energy sources invoke, beverage’s function is evolving in line with our understanding of what it means to become holistically healthy. Health has widened its scope to include not only the physical, but ‘The holy trinity’ of mind, body & soul, and the beverage industry has a huge role to play in this. It leaves little element of surprise to learn that the etymological roots of the verb ‘drink’ are ‘to engulf’ – beverages were never here to merely take part, but rather to take over.

The balance-focused consumer

No longer in search of a drink that brings on drastic highs with subsequent lows, consumers search for more moderate and sustainable forms of nourishment that have deep foundations in the world of health. The days of short intense bursts from over-saccharinated cans of Redbull are being left in the rear-view mirror. Instead of surges, we seek balance. Rather than sporadic, we look for routine. It’s this fervent search for balance in one’s nutrition, and by extension in one’s life, that is guiding the change in consumers beverage habits. In order to achieve this rather elusive sense of balance, consumers must synchronise the requirements of mind, body & soul and this eclectic range must be satisfied in a bottle. The roots of this balance often go deep into heritage, natural extracts and ancient medicinal remedies – a solution which consumers feel they can trust more readily and rely upon to provide greater consistency.

With this, consumers are trading out the ‘offset’ mindset of reacting to health complications as they crop up and replacing it with a proactive attitude to maintaining a good state of sustainable health. There are no lofty aspirational dreams of growing abs carved out like a section of a chocolate bar, but rather a harmonised state of irrefutable balance. Whether it be the state of mind or gut, and everything in between, consumers have their gaze fixed forwards on small, incremental steps on a journey of health. Juice giant Tropicana has come some way to match this consumer need with their new Essentials Probiotics range, boasting one billion live and active cultures in every 8 oz bottle. While the likes of Dirty Lemon have come to put consumers’ minds at ease with CBD-infused elixirs that will be sure to provide the full-body relaxation experience from a clear mind to a calm body.

The wider view of health & how to target it

An integral determinant of our own wellbeing, and one that has often been overlooked, is sleep. Yet, as part of the more holistic lens through which consumers have come to analyse their daily routines, conversations have begun to centre around circadian rhythms, REM sleep cycles and other such esoteric terms. The nature of which highlights the profound understanding consumers are developing of their own bodies, and how intrinsically linked all elements of it are to one another. In light of this, beverages of the future may take on new forms in terms of how they embed themselves into our daily routines and their natural focus in terms of their contents. Austria’s answer to sleep deprivation is the ‘Good Night Drink’. Though the can wouldn’t look out of place amongst the energy drinks aisle, its natural blend of hops, herbs and Alpine sparkling water aids the removal of stress and helps sleep within 45 minutes. It’s such bedtime habits that could become the future beverage routines of forward-thinking health gurus. The idea of building a drink to seamlessly fit routine serves to create a firm sense of balance, continuity and sustainability that consumers currently crave. Biomel’s new range of dairy-free shots seek to provide the counterpart of the Good Night Drink; a morning probiotic shot that kickstarts your day and gets the gut’s natural cultures pumping. This intuitive take on the beverage serve is sure to be successful, the subtle act of shotting goes a long way to psychologically inducing that ‘rise and shine’ mindset you need to start the day right.

These advancements don’t stop at your fridge doors; they have taken to the streets with some level of vigour. As creatures of comfort, it’s of huge importance to have these options within the home, but the opportunity space for capturing this market while consumers are out and about is all too big to ignore. Brands such as Boost Juice Bars recognised this and made their formal introduction to the market in 2000, offering a fun and healthy alternative to the greasy fast-food and altogether unhealthy market giants. The laid-back vibe and pure-at-heart approach were set to succeed from the outset, now with over 500 stores in 13 countries and counting. Boost’s natural smoothies have become the go-to energy source for consumers in the know, for the boost without the crash. They have captivated the forward-thinking consumer conscience with their heart-warmingly healthy narrative that would make the healthiest adversary weak at the knees. Dispelling nutritional myths of protein-focused diets and energy stimulants, Boost have been able to cement their foundations as an organic smoothie with a natural source of energy. And, with this, they have built firm bonds of trust with its audience within the natural segment.

CBD’s time to shine

The CBD infused world of 2018 was, no doubt, driven by the excitement and novelty value that the chemical compound had to offer. However, 2019 is set to see this excitement settle and become more rooted, as consumers look further into the functional benefits it has to offer. A plethora of functions from use as an analgesic to an aid for those with anxiety and depression – it’s a truly enticing functional ingredient. Particularly in the more recent climate of raised mental health awareness, beverages such as drink420 infuse CBD to release a moment of calm without the inconvenient high of cannabis. As something that has been neglected for much of our existence, mental health is now stealing the spotlight when it comes to holistic health. But, the understanding that this is effected by exactly what we eat, drink and our general gut health (known as our second brain) is integral to the beverage industry in tapping into this consumer need.

All in all, we know now what we need from our beverages. A sense of balance and support to our daily routines, and we will shirk those that induce light-headed highs and downtrodden lows. The beverage industry has already taken huge strides in the right direction, and the experimental use of natural extracts such as CBD and products that enable consumer to build up sustainable health practices offer promising prospects.

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