We’re always innovating at Butterfly – looking for new and improved ways of getting to those little truths that make a big difference to your brand. So, we’re proud to introduce The Hub, our new proprietary online research platform that allows us to deliver our tried and tested methodologies in a digital environment.

What it is:

The Hub allows you to engage with your audience in difference ways, through asynchronous tasks developed specifically to untangle your challenge, be it over a period of time or live conversations, wherever in the world they might be, at a time that is convenient for them.

How it works:

Because all research that we conduct on The Hub is designed with your challenge in mind and moderated by Butterfly, it’s a highly flexible and agile tool that allows us to adjust and adapt as we learn.

Every interaction taps into people’s creativity and unlocks their emotional motivations and drivers, helping us to understand how people connect with your brand and category. We have a toolbox of nine different task types, including:

·   Camera – used to gather rich content that allows us to see behaviour with our own eyes

·   Live – connect with our audience in real-time through video call

·   Diary – get to know our audience’s routine and the drivers for their daily choices

·   Mission – interact with our audience while they are exploring the real-world

·   Collage – bring an idea or experience to life through the power of visuals

·   Evaluate – test the big idea in all its detail through heatmapping of likes and dislikes

The outputs:

Rich, rewarding insights, brought to life with multimedia responses that tell a compelling story.

To find out more about The Hub, get in touch at: info@hellobutterfly.com