From the trivial home renovations & puppy-mania to deep confrontation of mortality and uncertainty – the global pandemic has forced many to fast track to the next life-stage. So what happens when it all ends? 


The What

The pandemic has forced entire generations to grow old before their time – From facing up to the mortality of loved ones, to a market of mass unemployment, many have felt the levity of life be stripped from their existence. But as the focus shifts to the return to ‘normal’, we expect to see people make up for lost time, throwing themselves into frivolous and experience-driven social occasions.

The Why

But what will these new occasions look like in a world reformed? The stilted return to pubs, bars and travel is expected to take years. It is up to brands and services to redefine how current generations will let loose and forget about the trauma of the world.

The How

  • While many draw comparisons to the roaring 20s, we expect to see levity provided through more flexible, accessible social options
  • These occasions will be more intimate & focussed on that social connection that society has been deprived of
  • There will be an air of reckless abandon so sorely needed after a time of much seriousness and stillness