From Go Go Go to Slow Slow Slow, life in the fast lane was brought to an abrupt halt and actually… It’s not all bad! There has been a realisation that a jam-packed calendar & overload of news can create more anxiety than it relieves.


The What

As the world has been forced to sit with ourselves, our awareness of our emotional state & daily fluctuations has become heightened. What once was drowned out with crowded pubs and fully loaded social calendars has been painfully brought to the forefront of our consciousness. Many now realise that living in a state of constant anxiety and stress, is not natural, and are looking to shift into a lifestyle that is calmer and more level.

The Why

In a world arguably driven by capitalist values that tell people to work harder and spend faster, this shift in values has the potential to have long-lasting impacts in many facets of society, from how we prioritize our time, to the experiences we engage with.

The How

  • Working: We expect to see Sabbaticals, flexible working and reduced hours take reign
  • Products: We expect accelerated desire for products that help an individual achieve their wellness goals
  • Experiences: Escapism and self-reflection will dominate real world experiences