Business, volatility and the power of resilience

Resilience in the geographical world describes the ability of a system to continue functioning after it has experienced a disturbance – for example, an earthquake or tsunami. In physics, a resilient material is able to absorb energy and revert back to its original shape. Resilience is a powerful quality in nature. And so is it in […]


Let’s Rebrand Brand Purpose

Brand purpose needs a rebrand. It isn’t what you say or why. It isn’t how a brand looks, or the values it projects. It isn’t a one-off campaign or an isolated social media interaction. It’s all of the above together. And more.   Purpose isn’t a reaction to whatever is happening right now – it is […]


What does Sustainable Growth mean for CPG brands? 

Perspective is everything. There is a famous quote from Confucius which speaks to its importance. “Everybody has two lives. The second begins when we realise we just have one.” This realisation rings as true for brands as it does for people. And the second life for brands is just beginning – as the era of unconscious […]