At Butterfly, we believe in the possibility of transformation – of our clients, our people, our business, and the world. Our masterclasses are an opportunity to stop and reframe the question of ‘what does my business do’ to ‘what business am I in’ – with this perspective, more growth opportunities open up.


Our first interactive Masterclass session on Innovation – ‘Expand your Horizons to create your own Growth Opportunity Map’ will inspire and guide you to create your own growth opportunity map to help you achieve Sustainable Growth. We will walk you through how to redefine the business you’re in and identify the biggest trends and societal shifts, and their implications on your growth, leaving you with an expanded vision for your innovation goals.


We will be joined on our virtual sofa with three innovation powerhouses, who will share how they are redefining the business that they are in with stretch and breakthrough innovation:

  • Floris Cobelens, Director of Global Strategy & Innovation, Heineken
  • Koen Burghouts, Vice President & General Manager, PepsiCo
  • Thomas Fenger, Senior Director and Head of Product, LEGO


We will share our model of thinking to help you to expand your horizons to achieve Sustainable Growth. Some of the main talking points include:

  • Utilising the 70/20/10 pyramid to prioritise the right innovation to drive sustainable growth
  • How redefining your market from what your product does to ‘what business you’re in’ drives more ownable opportunities to innovate
  • Why small progress trumps total business transformation


Join us on 30th March at 3 pm BST / 10 am ET.

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