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Qual360 Conference 2020

This year at Qual360, our Founder and President, Bianca shares some of the crazy lengths we’ve gone to to get to great ideas, and what we’ve learned from a few successes, as well as failures. If you can’t get to the conference we can come to you. So, to hear more about how our approach to innovation can ignite growth for your brands get in touch by clicking below!



Cosmoprof 2019

This year’s leading global trade show for the beauty industry taught us what it takes to be a sustainable brand in an era that no longer celebrates natural for the sake of natural. We saw a raft of inspiring brands raising the bar and setting new standards for the category by defining their terms, making goals and allowing themselves to see sustainability as a journey. Based on our learnings, we’ve identified actionable ways into naturals and sustainability.



Imbibe London 2019

The Low or No alcohol category stole the show at this year’s event – the UK’s leading innovative and interactive drinks show. Pioneering brands are setting the tone for the future of the category through ethical supply chains and ingredients, CBD and hemp as ingredients, mixers taking centre-stage, and natural sweeteners replacing refined sugar. A year that highlights that 0% beverages are now created with pride and complexity, made by people who love alcohol, for people who love alcohol.



Natural vs Sustainable

It’s becoming all too clear that natural doesn’t mean sustainable. Consumers are beginning to question their assumptions around terms like synthetic and organic. Butterfly showcased the importance of emotions in solving the paradox between natural flavour and sustainable practices at the 25th Savoury Flavour & Food Industry Conference in Geneva.