Harness truer, richer insights online

We value the importance of consumer research in innovation – to develop bigger, better ideas that have impact and longevity. It’s no secret that everything is happening online now, but we are seeing this as an opportunity to harness richer and truer insights. More and more, we’re finding digitally driven research to be an effective and rewarding way of getting to the truths behind consumer attitudes and behaviours.

Research with empathy, agility & creativity

We have found ways to overcome research barriers, recently taking a ‘no consumer research’ approach on a project and using our network of industry experts to help us to mine insights, generate disruptive ideas and shape concept development.

All of our digital research tools have agility and empathy built into them. Designed to suit a range of different research needs, they help us uncover new insights and validate concepts, whatever stage your innovation project is at:

Emoti-bot | Maximising Big Data to identify opportunity spaces for innovation

Want to explore existing data on a topic to understand how consumers are talking about it via informal, uncensored conversations that delve into real consumer sentiment? Emoti-Bot is a quick and agile diagnostic research tool that compares and analyses language, word choice and emotion from two sets of real-time data sources (including forums, blogs, reviews, tweets etc.) and discovers fresh, surprising findings. It is a great way to identify changing consumer sentiment, how behaviours might be changing and how consumers anticipate they might change as lockdowns ease.

Huddle | Online community for uncovering insights, concept validation and prototype testing

Need to step into the world of your consumer to really understand them & their needs? Or want to validate your concepts with the people who really matter? Engage your audience through Huddle, our online ethnography tool. With daily tasks set up and moderated by expert strategists, Huddle is designed to draw out the richest, deepest truths that make a difference to your brand ^ products.

Read more about the reasons why online research gets you to truer truths here: