Spaces are becoming more flexible. Homes are offices, cars are meeting rooms, parks are restaurants, streets are bars!


The What

Working from home didn’t start as a permanent thing. And while it certainly has its challenges, most of us have been able to see the benefits, from both organizational and personal perspectives. With many organizations and individuals stating intentions to incorporate working from home into their culture more permanently, impacting how we live, work and play, our demands on spaces will become ever more unpredictable.

The Why

From offices, to homes, to entertainment spaces, the ability to move and adapt quickly and seamlessly will be a key demand of the future. Repurposing the use of buildings will be just the start, brands will also have to cater to how populations move between urban and rural spaces. Real estate will also have to rethink, with expensive, long-term leases no longer suiting the short-term needs of population shifts and commutes.

The How

  • Repurposing of building space as workspaces leap to new levels of flexibility
  • Product innovation that integrates seamlessly across venues
  • Shopping environments that cater to fluidity & transient needs