Zoomed-out and Zoomed-in. We might be getting fatigued with endless video calls, but it is undeniable that globally, comfort levels with technology have increased exponentially! 


The What

People are becoming ever more comfortable with technical developments – AI, voice activation and automation are becoming more commonplace within people’s lives, partly driven by COVID 19 forcing new technological behaviours.

The Why

We at Butterfly are curious to see how far this newfound confidence and appreciation of technological developments can take us. Technology that has existed for years but yet to be adopted by the masses due to comfort levels such as self-driving cars and AI glasses may be closer than we could have imagined only a year ago.

The How

  • Brands need to define the role of technology in their experience & build a meaningful user design to match
  • Meaningful user design is the key to consumer trust in robotics and smart technology
  • Chatbots and smart home devices are the first step, the next is seamless physical & digital integration