What legacy will COVID leave on Gen Z? 


The last 10 years have seen the fastest rate of social change ever known – vast digital expansion, widespread political anxiety, a rising collective consciousness in health, well being and the environment.  With a global pandemic to top it off.  Younger Gen Z’s are currently in their ‘modelling period’ where life views and values are being shaped and older Gen Z’s are coming of age into a world that’s vastly different to the one they were born into.  So what are the implications for brands?

On 16th September, we highlighted how your brand can build empathy with this generation and adapt and evolve messaging to be most impactful. If you couldn’t make the webinar, please watch the recording here.

What can you learn from joining us?

  • How has COVID impacted the formative years for Gen Z & how will this influence their attitudes & behaviours as they grow into adulthood?
  • How can you manage the generation gap if your target straddles Millennials and Gen Z? What do you need to accentuate and what leave behind?
  • How tech has enabled us to better understand Gen-Z in real-time and in faster, more agile ways that leverage their natural ways of communicating?

Get face to face with our Gen Z experts who have led projects in 18 countries to build your empathy with them and learn how best to connect with them.

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