In a moment where we are all being forced to rethink the way that we approach our daily lives, how we get to work, what we do when we get there and assessing what is truly important, there is an opportunity to throw out the old and welcome the new! Faster, slicker tools and processes. So instead of seeing the risk of slowing down, embrace the opportunity to speed up!

Here at Butterfly, we’re big fans of being agile when it comes to our tools, our teams, and our ways of working. It gets us to better ideas, better insights, and better results for the brands we work with.

That’s why all our digital research tools have agility and empathy built into them. Able to suit a range of different research needs, they help us uncover new insights, whatever stage your project is at.  Here’s a snapshot of the agile digital tools we have at our disposal.  We have most recently used all 3 to develop consumer validated concepts in 11 working days!


Maximising existing data

Want to explore existing data on a topic and understand how consumers are talking about it via informal, uncensored conversations that delves into real consumer sentiment? Emoti-Bot is a quick and agile diagnostic research tool that compares and analyses language, word choice and emotion for two sets of real-time data sources (including forums, blogs, reviews, tweets etc.) and discovers fresh, surprising findings.


Immediate and rich insight

Need quick yet high quality answers to your research questions? We use LifeSnap to create bespoke questions and cast them out to 15+ consumers (recruiting directly from social media), across any geography, for instant video feedback.


Speed-dating for ideas

Lots of great ideas, but unclear of which to progress? Podium allows you to put them to the people in a quickfire, gamified environment to test what they really think. Our algorithm ranks the ideas for you so you can sort out the good from the great and give you a clear route forward.

Get in touch, to find out how these agile tools can start unlocking insights for you in a matter of days