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5 reasons why online research gets you to truer truths

At Butterfly, all of our work is based on real human insights – the emotional truths that drive how a person engages with your brand or product. More and more, we’re finding online, digitally driven research to be a rich and rewarding way of getting to these truths. This article gives you 5 compelling reasons […]


Is your research as agile as it could be?

In a moment where we are all being forced to rethink the way that we approach our daily lives, how we get to work, what we do when we get there and assessing what is truly important, there is an opportunity to throw out the old and welcome the new! Faster, slicker tools and processes. […]


How virtual workshops could change the way you do business for the better!

In an uncertain environment, your business decisions carry even more weight – so ensuring you have all the right voices included in the process is more important than ever. Some decisions require more than a conference call – they require engaging, thought provoking discussion, with rich, dynamic content. People want to feel that they can […]