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Business, volatility and the power of resilience

Resilience in the geographical world describes the ability of a system to continue functioning after it has experienced a disturbance – for example, an earthquake or tsunami. In physics, a resilient material is able to absorb energy and revert back to its original shape. Resilience is a powerful quality in nature. And so is it in […]


Building Resilience in a time of Volatility 29th June 2022

For the past few years, businesses have aspired to Agility. But you can only drive efficiencies in predictability; you need to build Resilience in uncertainty. Resilience deals with what is unknown, unpredictable, and improbable – as a global society, we are living in a rapidly shifting, geo-political and socioeconomic climate that requires courageous, bold, and […]


Stop Talking About Purpose Masterclass Key Takeaways

Greenwashing. Pink-washing. False allyship. Over the last few years, we’ve borne witness to the rise of brands incorporating “purposeful” messaging into their comms, campaigns, and even annual reports. All too often, however, the newly revised slogans, hastily written “we stand with” tweets, and stock photos of diverse bodies is as far as their activism goes. […]


Let’s Rebrand Brand Purpose

Brand purpose needs a rebrand. It isn’t what you say or why. It isn’t how a brand looks, or the values it projects. It isn’t a one-off campaign or an isolated social media interaction. It’s all of the above together. And more.   Purpose isn’t a reaction to whatever is happening right now – it is […]


Sustainable Growth Masterclass Key Takeaways

It’s undeniable that the world is in a moment of significant change. As a global society, we have had to come to terms with the realities of our impact on the planet and rapidly shift our values and priorities to both encompass these truths and proactively brainstorm holistic change.    Similarly, the business landscape has […]


What does Sustainable Growth mean for CPG brands? 

Perspective is everything. There is a famous quote from Confucius which speaks to its importance. “Everybody has two lives. The second begins when we realise we just have one.” This realisation rings as true for brands as it does for people. And the second life for brands is just beginning – as the era of unconscious […]


Telescope 2022

Explore exciting innovations that are shaping the new future of the Drink, Food, Beauty & Personal Care, Health & Wellbeing, Home, and Leisure & Hospitality categories, and examine what they might mean for the near and distant future.


A Truly Green Opportunity

Since humans concocted the first alcoholic beverages around 7000BCE, we’ve been thirsty to balance pleasing effects of spirits with the not-so-pleasing. What if the solution is as ancient as the problem? The What: It sometimes feels like consumers today are after a beverage as mythical as a sip from the fountain of youth. They clamor […]