Millennials and Gen Z

From the complex relationships American teenagers have with their skin, to what motivates young French women to pursue their passions, we have dug deep to understand the hopes and dreams of young people around the world today – and most crucially, what’s holding them back. Our generational report explores different insight spaces that brands are likely to consider when appealing to the mindsets of these cohorts.


The new Parenting

Millennials are doing things differently from any other generation before them. The internet has replaced traditional authorities for information; they are documenting their kids’ lives on social media and they don’t place as high a value on playtime. They are also waiting longer to have kids and traditional ‘families’ are shifting. All this has shifted the landscape for many brands and some have struggled to catch up.


Boomers in Bloom

The old adage holds true, that age is just a number. Boomers feel that ageism is manifesting itself as underrepresentation in media, lazy targeting by marketing and advertising that lumps them all together, as well as semantic conventions that promote youth and anti-ageing.