Big Bets for a post-Covid World


Feeling Thrifty

Reuse, Renew, Upcycle! Everything deserves a 2nd chance but how about a 3rd and a 4th?    The What With sustainability concerns ever-growing, and our increasing focus on sourcing and supporting local, we have seen second hand and thrifted products get a huge revival in the past year. With social media like TikTok educating and […]


The Social Dilemma

Am I using social media, or is it using me? Did I Google that or is Alexa listening to me? It’s hard to know whether control has shifted from us to AI at this point of whether is still hangs in the balance, but one thing that is for sure, is that people are starting to question, […]


Back to (Home) School

Home-schooling, exams on Zoom, retraining & double jobbing! Education has never been more & less accessible at the same time!   The What Home-schooling took on new meanings in 2020, with many schoolchildren forced to convert to experiences in the online, and parents having to step into the shoes of teachers. But it wasn’t only […]