Single use PPE, non-recyclable anti-bacterial wipes & harsh alcohol gels have had their 15 minutes of fame. Now people are looking for a hygiene icon, more than a one-hit wonder!


The What

In 2020, antibacterial shot to fame as the pandemic gripped the world. Gels, sprays and wipes sold out as we entered unprecedented times, with little thought as to their downfalls. But as this need still remains over a year down the line, people are increasingly aware of the pain points within the antibacterial category, presenting a space that is ripe for innovation.

The Why

Concerns for the climate, ease of use and chemical components were de-prioritized in the early stages of the virus, but now we are seeing these demands emerge once more. As an area that has lacked serious innovation for many years, we have now seen development across tech, materials and natural alternatives start to emerge.

The How

  • An easing of daily disinfecting needs
  • Rebalancing of priorities for me & for my world
  • Products will have to be faster, more sustainable and produce tangible results in order to stay in high demand
  • Technologies such as UV will be responsible for paving the way in the field to ensure longevity of new cleaning behaviours