How to lead, innovate and disrupt in the most disruptive of times? – 23rd June 4pm BST, 11am EDT


Today’s disruptive market forces make it more important than ever for organisations to deliver big-bet innovation – such as creating new categories, finding new routes to market or developing new business models – and doing it with sustainability at its heart.


Although Agile is a proven powerful process for product development, it tends to lead to incremental improvements rather than major breakthroughs.  COVID has given many CPG businesses a revenue uplift and the oxygen to invest in the disruptive innovation that pushes and elevates their business beyond packaged goods.  But transforming the strategy into actions can still feel semi-mystical as you navigate processes and paradigms that are set up for more incremental innovation initiatives.

But On 23rd June, join Butterfly as we share what leadership in Disruptive Innovation can look like for your business.

What can you learn from joining us?

  • What does leadership in Disruptive Innovation look like?
  • How to move from disruptive principles on a page to delivering actual revenue, value and growth for your business and brands?
  • How can you invest in disruptive solutions while minimizing the risks?

If you are grappling with where to look, what to develop or how to test disruptive innovation initiatives, join us for inspiration and direction.

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