How has COVID changed consumer attitudes towards Wellness & Sustainability? – 2nd Sept, 3pm BST, 10am EDT


COVID has fundamentally impacted two major consumer conversations: Wellness & Sustainability.  Do good and Be good is now essential for consumers who are demanding brands not only talk but act according to their values and principles. What are the new paradigms? What are the new choices consumers are making? Is there still a tension between efficacy and naturality? How can they make the right decisions in a highly complex web of choices? What is more important for people: do good or be good?


On 2nd September, join Butterfly as we explore consumers’ attitudes towards Wellness and Sustainability and share how you can accelerate your growth, feed your innovation and develop a meaningful brand engagement through a better understanding of their changing attitudes.

What can you learn from joining us?

  • In this complex ecosystem of conflicting views and behaviours how you can prioritise where to invest your efforts?
  • How can your brand fully understand the context of your consumers’ needs in order to cater to their demands?
  • We will share our model for how you can navigate the complex world of efficacy and sustainability

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