The women’s sexual health revolution

It almost feels like we’re reaching a new age of sexual liberation for women, where we’re being encouraged to not only be proactive about safeguarding our sexual health, but to do so for our broader physical and mental wellbeing (and pleasure!) We’re seeing many brands break boundaries in the area of gendered wellbeing, even in the smallest way in the case of Ocean Spray.

Capitalising on an existing health association

Ocean Spray is entering the supplement sphere with its new product ‘Cranberry+health’. With the link between cranberry juice and a healthy urinary tract well established, Ocean Spray is now packaging the benefits of cranberries in a new, more convenient format – as each chew has the same benefits of one glass of the drink.

Meeting an unmet need and restoring the natural order

Premama have developed a 28-day cleansing drink that is specifically formulated for women who have been taking birth control, but now want to become pregnant. The formulation helps to rebalance the woman’s hormones, to regulate the menstrual cycle and stimulate uterine health, supporting fertility. The cleanse can also be used by those who are not looking to become pregnant but want to rebalance their hormones after taking the pill.

Using humour to remove stigma and restore gendered wellbeing

Hims brought a revolution to the world of men’s pharmaceuticals, talking frankly and with humour about issues such as male baldness and erectile dysfunction. They are now taking their no-nonsense approach to women, covering skin, hair and sexual health, in the cross-over between personal care and health care. Hers will offer treatments for acne, melasma, hair loss, and even birth control. Women will have access to affordable medical grade products across lifestages, from puberty to menopause.

Innovative devices

The Elvie trainer is a fun and effective way to strengthen your pelvic floor. This has many benefits for women, including better bladder control, postnatal recovery and sex. Women will see results in less than 4 weeks, making a monotonous task trackable, interactive and modern. Another novel invention for women is Flex, a disc-shaped tampon that can be worn during sex. It’s made from medical grade silicon, and even comes in beautiful packaging.

Asides from challenging our taboos around sexual health, brands should challenge themselves to consider parallel benefits for a more holistic offering by tackling gendered wellbeing. Do you have a particular ingredient you could hero? Are there other lifestages or areas of the reproductive system you could support? How could technology amplify your offering? What about men?

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