Reuse, Renew, Upcycle! Everything deserves a 2nd chance but how about a 3rd and a 4th? 


The What

With sustainability concerns ever-growing, and our increasing focus on sourcing and supporting local, we have seen second hand and thrifted products get a huge revival in the past year. With social media like TikTok educating and inspiring people to upcycle, mainstream brands are now engaging with the movement and beginning to wrap it into strategies and processes.

The Why

Even though many still may not choose to walk into a second-hand shop, the idea of repurposing materials and objects in the name of both climate change and creativity is a compelling idea for many. Brands and individuals are increasingly engaging in truly creative ways to add value to materials and products or extended their life cycle to avoid waste and reengineer purpose & uniqueness!

The How

  • Reuse, Renew & Upcycle: The new processing mantra for all manufacturing moguls
  • Improved benefits that come from the pressure to upcycle make innovation more appealing
  • More love and care going into product developed will be returned by consumers
  • 2nd purpose products that have a longer role in the home will give brands more purpose & points to emotionally connect