Banking, stock market, politics – all institutions known for their air of mystery – are being broken down, brick by brick, from the outside, unveiling their mysteries and unravelling their control.


The What

The volatile socio-political and economic landscape has shaken many of the core infrastructures that make up the world as we know it. But as people increasingly question the soundness of these infrastructures, we are seeing a desire to regain balance in areas that have previously been known for exclusivity and inequality.

The Why

The debacle of GameStop is just one example of how knowledge and resources once reserved for those with wealth and power, are now attainable by the masses. As the masses learn to further wield this power, it will be interesting to see how the values of consumers change, and which side brands place themselves on – with the masses, or the elite.

The How

  • Mass distribution of knowledge and power through platforms that work outside of socio-economic norms
  • Tech will play a huge role in dispersing information and empowering the masses
  • Brands will be forced to collaborate with consumers rather than dictate to them