We’re wrapping up this season’s Masterclasses with a pragmatic take on growth opportunities and how you can demand more from them.


In our first Sustainable Growth Masterclass we shared our Business Growth framework. By shifting the mindset from what your business does to what business you’re in, you open more growth opportunities to take you beyond your current competitive set and capabilities. Lego shared their journey of moving from a business that makes toys to being a business in play.


We went on to shake up Brand Purpose in our second Masterclass by setting out the mandate that Brand purpose has to go beyond your brand compass – that means we should spend less time crafting the perfect manifesto and more time doing things that matter. Driving bottom line profit is a naturally positive outcome from being a good business.


So, now it is time to double-click on the specifics of the opportunities sitting at the centre of these key principles.


In this final Masterclass, Demand more – How to galvanise your business, people and brands to leverage demand spaces for growth’we’ll dive into the ‘so, what’. Now that you have defined your opportunities, how are you going to realise growth? We’re encouraging you to demand more of growth opportunities.


The silver bullet lies in convincing the first follower, the first business case. We’ll be walking you through key principles to recruit your first followers:

  • Finding the future-proofed big bets
  • Humanising demand data to find out what makes it tick
  • Taking your brands on the journey, even as you work agnostically
  • Informing the business case from Day 1


Join us on 8th June at 3pm BST / 10am ET.

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