There have been many paradigm shifts across industries over recent years.  There are elements of Consumer Insight that have remained the same, but technology and human understanding have opened up many more avenues for us to mine for deeper, richer insight.

The following articles set out some of these changes and how they are challenging how we have traditionally conducted research, as well as providing opportunities to get deeper, richer insight.

We know a lot more about how our brains work and how consumers (shall we just call them people instead?) respond to ideas.  We know a lot more about how people make decisions.  We know that most of our decisions and responses are implicit and emotional.  We know that, if you ask a rational question, you’ll get a rational answer.

Neuroscience, Behavioural Science, Artificial Intelligence, Online v Face to Face research.  These are all giving opportunities for how we get deeper, richer insight from consumers and also enabling us to disrupt our industry.

This year has certainly been a challenge for many industries as budgets have shrunk and been redeployed, many organisations have restructured, changing the role of insight and innovation.  There is certainly more pressure to do things more quickly, on less money without losing any of the quality.

If ‘Understanding Millennials’ was the zeitgeist in 2016, 2018 has been all around ‘Being Agile’.  Agility is to Consumer Insight as Fenty is to the personal care world – exciting and in line with emerging needs and realities rather than following the traditionally safe and increasingly sedate methodologies. Now the opportunity is for those agencies leading disruption in our practice to think smarter about how we can be more agile in how we find insight, making the process quicker, cheaper, more effective, using our burgeoning knowledge about brain science and digital innovation to get even better.

We need to constantly challenge the way we conduct research in constantly evolving circumstances.

Be provoked and inspired by these articles and share your feedback on what you think will be a fad or a fashion in consumer insight at

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