The Hub – your new virtual home for agile insights

We’re always innovating at Butterfly – looking for new and improved ways of getting to those little truths that make a big difference to your brand. So, we’re proud to introduce The Hub, our new proprietary online research platform that allows us to deliver our tried and tested methodologies in a digital environment. What it is: […]

How virtual workshops could change the way you do business for the better!

In an uncertain environment, your business decisions carry even more weight – so ensuring you have all the right voices included in the process is more important than ever. Some decisions require more than a conference call – they require engaging, thought provoking discussion, with rich, dynamic content. People want to feel that they can […]

Green, the new black

Butterfly London brand innovation

This year sustainability appears to be on every brand’s to do list. There are countless examples of sustainability entering the mainstream; from Unilever’s mass-market, millennial-friendly vegan beauty brand ‘Love Beauty and Planet’, to Diageo’s newly appointed Chief Sustainability Officer, and Love Island’s Jamie and Camila’s vegan, natural beauty brand ‘Jamila’. Any brand worth its salt […]

Brand purpose beyond sustainability

Increasingly, brands are embracing social change initiatives that leverage their position to have a wider positive impact. It’s a no-brainer that brands who adopt a purpose driven strategy are reaping the rewards when 63% of people believe that brands have a greater responsibility to contribute to society. Consumers are willing to pay more for brands […]

System 1 thinking

Butterfly London brand innovation

Here at Butterfly we believe that being able to get under the skin of human behaviour and decision making is important in order to understand the ‘nitty gritty’ behind the ‘why’ when consumers behave irrationally. In the good words of Rory Sutherlands, “the conscious brain is not the oval office. It’s actually the press office […]