In this season’s Masterclasses, Butterfly has been on a mission to demonstrate how brands can foster a Sustainable Growth culture. We are wrapping up the series by showcasing how to maximise growth potential through practical approaches.

Our first Sustainable Growth Masterclass focussed on our Business Growth framework. Shifting your mindset away from what your business does, to what business you’re in. This opens doors to new opportunities currently beyond your competitive set – and offers the chance to develop a clear future vision.

We followed this up by shaking up Brand Purpose. Going beyond your brand compass is crucial – businesses that invest time and resources on the things that genuinely matter will quickly see bottom-line profits soar. A commitment to having a positive impact on the world should be the driving force behind all operations.

Now it is time to be pragmatic. When you have clearly defined your opportunities – how can you effectively realise growth? Butterfly’s ‘Leading A Sustainable Growth Culture’ Masterclass will focus on four key principles:

Be the vision and champion
Be easy to follow and instil confidence
Be open to embracing followers as equals
Be committed to taking the business on the journey

We will be joined by a number of esteemed industry leaders sharing insights and recommendations on how to take the next step. These include:

Rebecca Haigh – Innovation, Insights & Strategic Planning Director at Heineken
Fenny Léautier – Head of Marketing Insights & Analytics Personal Health at Philips

28th September @ 3 PM BST. Don’t miss out – sign-up today.