For the past few years, businesses have aspired to Agility. But you can only drive efficiencies in predictability; you need to build Resilience in uncertainty. Resilience deals with what is unknown, unpredictable, and improbable – as a global society, we are living in a rapidly shifting, geo-political and socioeconomic climate that requires courageous, bold, and resilient leadership.


It’s a tough time to be a business leader even if there is a playbook of what to do in times of high inflation, of supply shortages, of increased COGs, of geo-political crises and wars, of city-wide lockdowns across the globe. But there isn’t a playbook for this perfect storm of ongoing crises.


Our Masterclass on ‘Building Resilience in a time of Volatility’ looks to unpack what a resilient business looks like in today’s tumultuous business climate. We’ll focus on the investment choices that you need to make today that will achieve both long term sustainable growth and short-term performance, as well as how to embed impactful behaviours into your organisation to drive resilience. An equally important part of resilient leadership is embedding empathy and purpose into tangible ideas and actions that fuel both your internal culture and the ways in which you impact the world.


We’ll be joined by leaders who are managing in uncertainty and are driving resilience into their business:

Jonnie Cahill, Chief Marketing Officer, Heineken USA
Dana Medema, Vice President and General Manager, Oral Care, Colgate – Palmolive


We will cover:

What does resilience mean for businesses?
What can we learn from the playbooks of previous crises?
What are the steps companies should be taking to incorporate business resilience into broader strategy considerations?
How to be confident in the choices you are making today that will protect longer term sustainable growth whilst managing for today’s performance


Join us on the 29th of June @ 3pm BST / 10am EST

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