Home-schooling, exams on Zoom, retraining & double jobbing! Education has never been more & less accessible at the same time!


The What

Home-schooling took on new meanings in 2020, with many schoolchildren forced to convert to experiences in the online, and parents having to step into the shoes of teachers. But it wasn’t only children and parents who experienced a shake-up in their education, high rates in unemployment prompted some to take up studies again. Furloughs gave people the opportunity to learn new skills and engage in new subjects of knowledge.

The Why

As with most transitions, online schooling has experienced an extended period of trial and error. With the move to digital however comes the advantage of accessibility. As new models of teaching are created in the online world, education is now becoming a reality once more for those who may have thought it previously unachievable.

The How

  • Increased flexibility and accessibility of education for more people in more places
  • Democratisation of knowledge and power through accessibility
  • Multi-skilled generation with more options than ever before