Since humans concocted the first alcoholic beverages around 7000BCE, we’ve been thirsty to balance pleasing effects of spirits with the not-so-pleasing. What if the solution is as ancient as the problem?

The What:

It sometimes feels like consumers today are after a beverage as mythical as a sip from the fountain of youth. They clamor for lower ABV, lower calorie, lower sugar beverages that taste great, offer a comfortable buzz, and never leave them with a hangover. Brands have responded with troves of seltzers, 0.0 beers, and RTD cocktails, yet the cravings of many consumers are still unquenched.

The Why:

But as cannabis—naturally zero-calorie, zero-sugar, and zero-hangover—is legalized in states across the U.S., a growing number of consumers are being presented with the option to use the ancient plant as a welcome alternative to alcohol.

THC and CBD-infused beverages check nearly all of the boxes on consumers’ wish-lists, but many hesitate to make the switch from hops to hemp. Centuries of stigma, confusion around strains and dosages, and a crowd of upstart brands have left many would-be consumers uncertain of the product and unsure where to start—leaving a budding opportunity for a familiar brand to act as a trusted guide that can bring clarity and simplicity to a market that remains mysterious to many.

The How: 

  • THC beverages offer a wealth of natural benefits – from low-calorie to improved focus and enhanced senses.
  • Positioning THC beverages as an alternative to alcohol can leverage powerful natural benefits and entice curious consumers.
  • Familiar and trusted brands have an opportunity to play a major role in the shift, by acting as an approachable guide to this new market that’s mysterious to many.