At Butterfly, all of our work is based on real human insights – the emotional truths that drive how a person engages with your brand or product. More and more, we’re finding online, digitally driven research to be a rich and rewarding way of getting to these truths. This article gives you 5 compelling reasons why.

It’s more than just Q&A

So much of traditional research methods boil down to two things. Questions, and answers. At Butterfly we like to go beyond that, using creative stimulus and creative tasks to get behind what people say and think and to what they actually, really, truthfully feel. Whether we’re asking people to source images online to build a brand world for a client, or write a heartfelt break-up letter to a brand, we tap into people’s creativity to give us a deeper look into how they see your brand, category or experience. Doing research online gives us the perfect breadth, time and scope to do it.

Actions speak louder than words

It’s the age-old pickle of consumer research: How do we know that what the consumer tells us they do, is actually what they say they do? Well, when the research is done digitally, you actually get the chance to see the do. By setting video tasks like video diaries, talking us through daily routines, or going on shopping trips, online research lets us see those behaviours in action, as and when they happen, allowing us to see and hear the thought process of the buyer. No more taking their word for it, you get actual consumer actions to base your findings on.

More places, more people, realer insights

One of the major benefits of online research is that it doesn’t restrict where our participants need to be. Because of this freedom, we can reach a far broader portion of the population, often in places outside the major cities that usually hog the research limelight. Giving you a true representation of your target. It gives us access to a far wider cross-section of personality types too.

Flexible research for flexible lives

We all lead busy lives. Online research lets us tap into those lives, giving respondents total flexibility to engage when, where and however they like – whether that’s on their lunch break or while their dinner cooks, on the bus or from their sofa and on their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. This lays a vital foundation for building an authentic, natural rapport with our participants – helping us to more easily get to a deeper understanding of their real thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Insights from the comfort of your own home

We’re all more honest when we’re comfortable. Every researcher worth their discussion guide knows that. That’s why in face to face research, we do as much as we can to create an open, relaxed environment for respondents. But no matter what, people are never going to be as comfortable as they are in their own home. Which is where online research can really come into its own. It gives people the time and space to be truly honest with their responses. You’ll be surprised just how open and confessional people are when they’re answering from their kitchen and not a harshly lit viewing facility with a double-sided mirror that’s fooling no-one. All of which make for better insights for your brand.

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