2020 has redefined our most basic and human needs. 2020 has been the year our connection with food & drink brands, retailers and bars & restaurants has been shaped by the restrictions and challenges we have all experienced.

But in a year when people all over the world have re-evaluated what is important to them and re-focused on what is truly meaningful, we are witnessing new behaviours, new consumption moments and truly exciting new opportunities for food & drink brands.

From our latest research looking at global trends and innovation, it’s been heartening to see people and businesses responding with understanding, insight and ingenuity to these new realities. We’re seeing one thing defining and underpinning these new behaviours that brands and businesses have already started to respond to – kindness: to ourselves, to each other and to the planet.

On 17th of November, we were joined by Julia Foxworthy, Innovation Director at Constellation Brands who shared how she’s dealt with the challenges she has faced during 2020.

We also explored:

  • How food and drink brands, retailers and restaurants have kept their focus on innovation, and responded to the challenges of 2020 with incredible creativity and purpose.
  • How changes in our relationships with ourselves, others & the planet are driving our relationship with the food and drinks category and retailers.
  • How industry leaders have made crucial and difficult decisions to survive and thrive in 2020 and beyond with our guest speaker.

Watch the webinar in full below: